Some deals today!!

First, I wanted to share the STEAL I got today.. on A VW Beetle Powerwheels for Addy. Some of you understand why this is such a major find for me… Ok, so the original price $129.99. How much do you think I paid?? . . . . . . YEP! $60! That’s less than half price, and an awesome birthday gift for Miss Addy. That also means off of her Birthday gifts have been purchased a whole 5 months early!

We went on to Payless and Meijer to get our groceries for the next 2 weeks and saved $115. We spend $99 and some change, and even picked up some toiletries too!!

For free today:
Chi Chi’s salsa (I NEVER pay for this stuff!)
3 boxes of excedrin
1 bottle of body lotion
1 pkg of Huggies diapers
1 pkg tortillas
3 pkgs coast soap bars
1 bottle of gold peak tea

For cheap today:
Olay body wash w/ a free bonus on the bottle!
The VW powerwheel!
2 pkgs Heluva chip dip (19¢ and I forgot chips!! Lol)
Eggs (actually had a coupon for them!!)
Toothpaste (50¢ for 3d white!)

That’s all I can think of right now.. but I made one heck of a deal and can’t believe I saved so much! And the money I saved on the powerwheels- the highlight of savings in 2010!! The most I’ve saved on one single item!

Now, to organize my stockpile tomorrow. That means emptying ALL the cabinets and giving homes to each item! Wish me luck!


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