Work, work, work

Work is going well.. I was quite surprised by the complexity of the things that goes into running a retail store!!! I didn’t have any idea all of the sales stuff that goes into it. Well- now I do! Lol

Besides the 2 main reasons I love my job: a huge discount, and getting first pick on the new stuff!
I enjoy my job, and the time I get away from home. I never thought I would admit it but being at home was a bit overwhelming for me. Especially since I had nothing to do (its too cold out!). I would be okay if it was Summer and I could go to the pool or the park! The only downside to working: I don’t have a sitter reasonably close to home. So the day often starts with a mini-roadtrip to Mom’s house to drop Miss Addy off. They are loving the time they get to spend together. I almost cried last night and tonight when I didn’t get to kiss my baby goodnight and put her in her PJ’s. I will get used to it eventually because I will be working early 2 days a week and late 2 days a week most weeks. This week’s good news: I’m off Fri-Sun. That’s nice! I enjoy days off, and hope they fall so I can take Addy to play time at the library too!!

That’s it for now.. I’m ready for bed soon I gotta be back at work at 9am.

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