20¢ Laundry soap anyone??

We all know I LOVE to save money.. so here’s the trips I have planned today:

First, to CVS. The following transactions:

Buy 5 bottles of Wisk Laundry soap ($5 each)
-Get $10 Extra Care Bucks.
-Use 5-$2/1 Wish Laundry Soap Coupons from 11/14 Coupon insert. I bought these from a clipping service I only had 2.
-Use 1-$4/20 purchase CVS coupon
Total before coupons: $26.75- coupons= $12.75, get $10 extra care bucks.
Before tax, etc it (and after coupons) will be $1 for all 5 bottles!!
(I will be doing this one 2x! We are on our LAST bottle of detergent and this is cheaper than making my own)

Buy 2 Glade Fragrance Collection Reed Diffusers or Sense & Spray. $6 each
-Use buy 1 get 1 free coupon.
Pay $6, get $3 Extra Care Bucks. These will be $1.50 each. Since I’d rather save $$ I am not particular on which brand air fresheners I use anymore. Although Bath & Body Works Wallflowers ARE my all time favorite. From time to time I will buy them too!

4- Advil $3 each= $12
-Use 4 $2/1 Advil (printable from advil.com)
-Get $3 Register Rewards
Final price: $1 for 4 bottles!
I will be doing this one twice too!!

1- Airwick Imotion starter kit- $6.50 (estimate)
2- Lysol Neutra Air Freshmatic- $6.50 (also estimate)
-Use 2 $4/1 Lysol starter (printable from lysol.com (must sign up))
-Use 1 $4/1 Airwick (1/2/11 coupon insert)
Pay: $7.50 or so. Not a bad price for 3!! Plus, there are potential register rewards that are not confirmed by me or the ad, so we will see!

2- Clorox Wipes- $5
Use 2- 75¢/1 (1/2/11 coupon insert)
-Get $2 register rewards!
Pay $1.50 for 2!!
#3- Remember I have $8 in register rewards to use so far! Plus $3 from the other day!
I will be getting 2 packs of Pull-ups for Miss Addy $6.99 each
-Use 2- $2/1 Coupons (Pullups.com)
Pay about $9.98
-Pay with $8 in register rewards, rest in cash or pick up another item to make the total high enough to pay with all my rewards!
(I MAY get more Pull Ups if they will take my coupons I printed as my printer was running out of ink– they are very blurry so I don’t know!)

Grand total I hope to pay:
$8 for air freshners, $2 for diapers, $8 for advil. So under $20!



  1. Cameron Said:

    Walgreens will refill your ink cartriges for like 10 dollars lot cheaper then buying it new but can only do it once per bought catridge

    • I keep meaning to ask them what they will charge and if they will do mine.. The only downside- my black cartridges are only $9.99 new. 😦 Thanks for the tip 🙂

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