Saturday you come so soon??

Today- My friend Lacey & I went on a little road trip.. It was fun and …… quiet. I left Addy with Mom for a few hours and we shopped faster than I have shopped in MONTHS! I also didn’t buy much (BIG surprise!)… I found a few things Addy ‘needed’ for good prices, and we headed back home.

Addy has gotten 7 (now 8) pairs of shoes this week. 2 pairs of Pumas, a pair of Chucks (black goes with everything!), a pair of Nike Shox, a pair of Stride Rite pretty shoes, and 3 pairs of sandals. Wait- I forget about the 2 other pairs we received in the mail earlier this week! So- 10 pairs of shoes! She LOVESSSS her shoes- literally. Whenever she gets a chance to look in her closet- it’s straight to the shoes! She’s going to be such a diva as she grows up and I won’t complain. I always thought I’d be the Mom stuck raising a tom-boy. Nope! She loves shoes, hair accessories, and leggings!

After we got home today, I went to shop for new places to live. Fingers crossed we may have found a place. It seems nice, and is a townhome. I’ve wanted to live in one since my apartment days. Hopefully it works out. If not, we’ll keep looking! If all goes as planned, we will be moving in 3 short weeks.

Also today- the appliance repair man came. Remember the mice problem I’ve been having? The one that grosses me out?? Well, my refrigerator was apparently acting as a mouse trap since David’s contraption wasn’t successful this time. It is supposedly fixed but the fridge isn’t getting very cold yet. So, we will see what happens.

I am glad i was off work most of this week- I have gotten a ton done. Tomorrow I plan on cleaning the house some more, organizing Addy’s room and de-junking a few ‘hiding’ places for my stuff. Magazines have GOT to GO before the move. As much as I would like to keep every single recipe magazine I don’t want to carry that box. A moving crew would be nice– anyone want to give me one as a gift?? =)


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