Roadtrip anyone??

Ok- it has been a while since I have been on a roadtrip without Addy. Seriously, until just now I did not realize I have never been as far away from her as I was on Saturday!! I made a big step and didn’t even realize it!! Ok ok enough about me overcoming my over-protectiveness!

My pal Ciara & I headed BACK out to IKEA (this time sans babies!) Last time we went we got stuck in a giant snow storm and IKEA closed early kicking us out in the cold, snowy, disgusting weather (not to mention roads)! That left us empty handed and cold on the interstate for a FIVE hour drive home (normally around 2!).

Saturday we headed back out! We made it there quickly to find the parking lot was FULL! We stopped at Starbucks for this yumminess:

A vanilla bean cupcake!! Tasty tasty tasty! I want another one now πŸ™‚

Then we arrived at IKEA. HEAVEN on Earth- seriously! I love that place. We did our shopping, which was immensely fun! What’s a shopping trip without grabbing the wrong cart, realizing you did NOT buy a curtain rod and laughing your @&$ off?? It’s not!

After we checked out, I had to work a little ‘magic’ on the gangsta guy that was loading stuff. See- they aren’t supposed to strap stuff down to your car and for GOOD reason- because they don’t know what they are doing! So we were ready to go- bed strapped to the roof of Ruth (my car). Well, we thought we were. Here’s Ruth all loaded up!

We went around the corner to Buffalo Wild Wings where Ciara decided she needed to charge her phone. Note: My power jacks constantly blow fuses.

So, I had to dodge the guys in the doo-rags who were staring at us to open the hood and replace the fuse! Good thing I’m pretty handy! We went inside and kept our eyes on the ‘box’ on the roof of the car.I had a queso chicken wrap and it was pretty tasty too!

What’s a roadtrip without losing your stuff on the side of the interstate??? Well apparently it’s not a roadtrip for me. Last time I hauled something on my roof it ended with Jason’s life savings of clothes on the New Jersey Turnpike. I KNEW better than to strap something to my roof. We got about a mile down the road, had to pull off the side of the interstate in rush-hour traffic and open up the sun roof. YEP! We were holding onto the box on top of the car (while driving down the interstate at top speed of 54 mph).

We hit the next exit and made our way to a parking lot that didn’t look busy (to save embarrassment!) We took the bed out of the box and spent 10 minutes cramming it into the back seat a number of different ways. FINALLY we got it!

We were ready to hit the road again- without any more ‘cute’ things happening. And we were off- what a GREAT idea- hauling everything on the inside of the car. The dude at the store should have listened to me since that was my original idea!

I so needed a day out of the house to myself and Saturday was just about perfect! I had so much fun and we’ll have to do it again (next time let’s not buy SO much!) πŸ™‚


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