Marsh Triple Deals

If you are near a Marsh Supermarkets, be sure to grab your coupons and head over this weekend. Through Monday they are tripling coupons. Here are the best deals I’ve found! I will TRY to organize them, and give you a link to find which insert the coupons were in. Sorry, I don’t have time to sort through all of them or search for each coupon for you. Wink wink, remember I’m not a paid blogger like the KCL, Money Sv Mom, or other famous ones we follow. I’m just a Mom who likes to help others save money!! I do it all out of the kindness of my heart. 🙂
PS- My Marsh allows you to use expired coupons for up to 7 days past expiration!

My favorite finds:

Heinz ketchup $1.89, use .50/1 coupon .39 total
KC Masterpiece BBQ $1, use .50/1 coupon FREE
MT Olive Pickles, $2.50 use .50/1 coupon $1 each

Cleaning/Laundry Supplies:
Dawn dish soap (plus bleach alternative) $2, use .75/1 coupon making it free!
Clorox Greenworks Toilet cleaner $1.39 .50/1 making it free

Health & Beauty:
Noxema $3, use .50/1 coupon $1.50 each

Breakfast/Granola Bars:
Quaker Chewy Bars $1.88 each, use .75/2 .75 each total
Keebler Fudge Bars (breakfast bar things) $3.19, use .75/1 .94 each
Planters Nut-rition Bars $2.50, use .75/1 .25 each
Snack Wells Bars $2.50, use .75/1 .25 each
Cheerios GIANT BOX, lol $3.33, I used .75/1 coupon from a sample, 1.08 each

Budding meats .99 each, use .55/2 coupon .33 for 2 total
Land O lakes cinnamon sugar butter $1.99, use .75/1 coupon FREE
Land O lakes spreadable butter (regular) $1.50, use .40/1 .30 each

Nabisco go-paks $1, use .75/2 coupon FREE

Campbells Select Harvest soups (on closeout) $.99 use .50/2, .48 for 2 total
Barilla Sauce $2 use .55/1 coupon .35 total
Barilla Piccolini Pasta .99, use .55/1 coupon FREE

Sara Lee Bread $2, use .55/1 coupon .35 total (MAKE sure you get the kind on sale, looking at my receipt mine rang up 2.75)
Gerber Pasta Pick ups $1.65, use .55/1 (printable from FREE
Nutella $2.99, use $1/1 coupon $1.99 (not free or cheap but we use it and Addy LOVES it!)
Planters Peanut Butter $2.89, use .75/1 .64 each
Pace Picante $2, buy 2 use .50/2 coupon 2.50 for 2. Not free but we use this too!
Thomas Bagel Thins $2.99, use .55/1 (printable from $1.34 each (again we buy these weekly!)
Tic Tacs $1.39, use .75/1 coupon FREE
Daisy Cottage Cheese $2.50, use .45/1 $1.15 total

Here’s the link to find which insert,



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