Please be patient.

I received what I think was a personal attack from a fan earlier today. I understand you all want to know exactly where to find what coupons, etc. I totally empathize. I remember trying to learn how to coupon effectively and not knowing where to find the coupons. I’ve posted about the ways to find out which insert is which, etc more than once. I will do it again for all of my new fans (and the ones who didn’t save the link, OR scroll down my blog homepage)!
It will be posted on the Penny Pinching Mom page in just a few minutes. Another way to tell which insert is which is to look on the ‘spine’ in the white part of the outside cover. There you will see a date such as 9/25/11. The top right corner on the front cover of the insert will tell you if it’s a Red Plum, Smart Source, or P&G insert.

Please remember I am NOT a paid blogger like other money saving pages like Krazy Coupon Lady, Money Saving Mom, or Coupon Divas. I am a Mom who doesn’t mind to spend a little time to help others out. I don’t think I should have to take 30-45 minutes to search which coupon is from which insert to spell it out for everyone. Once I clip the coupons, I have no idea what insert they are from and I put them in my binder. Then, I would have to go search for the coupon source myself (again) to post on the page. I do this to be kind to others, try to show some of the ‘hidden’ deals I/or my cousin find and share with others. I don’t do it for money!! If others need coupons, I make .2¢ (YES 2 tenths of a cent!!!!!!) per insert before paypal fees, and am negative after paypal fees, shipping supplies, printer ink for my labels, and my time. I don’t complain and I don’t mind! I just want to help other Moms be able to save on groceries/ household items for their families!!

Remember the golden rule::: Treat others as YOU would would want to be treated. Just because this is a ‘virtual’ world doesn’t mean you can attack someone and get away with it. Any rude fans will be removed unfortunately.

With that said- Happy shopping and don’t forget to check out the link below this post for the coupon data base. IF You need help learning how to use it, PLEASE let me know- I have no problem spending a few minutes to help you out. I’m not complaining to help for free, I’m just asking for compassion is all!
~Thanks so much for being a fan!!!


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