Just because giveaway

I’m feeling like I want to give something to someone. Yep, random I know but I have the need to help others and it makes me feel better about myself when I help others. I help people every week with inserts (no, I don’t make much more than a cent or two each), so technically that’s helping considering the shipping supplies and printer ink it takes to ship them. 🙂

No complaints here though. I love helping others. In fact, I am in the process of starting a new volunteering opportunity with local elementary schools! I used to be much more active in helping others, but haven’t had as much time since I have a terrible-twos-ridden-toddler!

So, here’s the scoop! Enter the giveaway here on my blog. Comment below this post ONLY. Other comments won’t count, sorry. Again, I don’t have time to chase entries 🙂

I will be giving away 2 things! 1st- an envelope of FREE item coupons good at Kroger (and Kroger Subsidiaries). It will be things like free butter, eggs, salad mix, etc. The ones you get in the mail once a quarter from them. I have more than I can use and they expire 10/16. This giveaway will end promptly at 11:59 PM EST tomorrow, so I can mail on Saturday morning!!

The second winner will receive 5 free inserts (all I ask is they pay actual shipping since it will cost me a few bucks to mail)!

Thanks for being a fan, and PLEASE refer my page to your friends. Share, share, share!!!

If someone comments on this blog post that you have sent them, you will get an extra entry for each person you have sent!
~Good luck!


  1. tatum deffinger Said:

    That is awesome…. I love to give things away and help other people. I am going to throw my name into the running I maean who couldnt use FREE BUTTER =)

  2. Karma Said:

    I love to help others too. Since my girls are away at college I have been volunteering at my church with the elementary school children in a program called AWANA. We have a store that the kids can shop at with there points they earn every month. The store needs “stock” so couponing gives me the chance to get some really great gift items from my savings. I can also donate my extra products to the local food pantry who is low on stock lately. Plus, I could always use the free items to get some more savings for my own family! A great idea. Thanks! Karma

  3. karol massengale Said:

    your great ashley. i’ll give it a try. who can’t use free stuff.


  4. Lauren Said:

    yes please! With 3 boys, I could anything!

  5. Annie Frazier Said:

    Enter me 🙂

  6. Kelly Frost Said:

    Count me in!

  7. Thanks for the giveaway Ash!! ;0)

  8. Rachel Czarniak Said:

    Wonderful items, i love paying it forward (well actuallty paying as little as possible) to help others!

  9. lisahaught Said:

    Me too me too!!!

  10. Lacey Said:

    How fun – thanks for the opportunity 😀

  11. morinda lopez Said:

    Is all we have to do is comment here? If so, count me in…I’m not local though

  12. Melissa Connell sent meeeee ❤ Thank you for the opportunity to win something fun

  13. Kiersten Ebersole Said:

    Count me in!! Tatum Deffinger told me about it, and I love free!!:)

  14. jessica Said:

    Great idea!

  15. april Said:

    This is really great enter me please

  16. Erin Griffith Said:

    I have been trying to figure out how to get the mailings from Kroger and Meijer but I haven’t yet. So I would love some of those!

  17. lisa haught refurd me

  18. Erin- I posted info about how to sign up a few weeks ago. First, be sure (at customer service at your local Kroger) your address is correct on your Kroger card, then you should get them quarterly!

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