Updated Subscription Information

After doing some research in my Paypal account, it has came to my attention that I am actually losing money on most every transaction I set up. It’s my fault- I always estimate shipping cheaper than it is and I love giving people discounts! That’s just how I am: I love to help others. I don’t charge for my time to make money, just so I break even. Well, last month I lost almost $35 which is a copay for one of my daughter’s therapy sessions!

So, in order to ensure I don’t rip myself off again, I am going to do 2 things. First, I am going to make the price for my time to hunt down inserts, etc .50 per insert. (You are still saving 75¢- $1.25 per paper if you went to the store to buy your own!). Also, I am going to start only shipping flat rate envelopes. I can fit more in there, and don’t have to worry about the weight if one insert is really heavy!

Trust me, this isn’t something I wanted to do. Because, again I really like helping others. But, I’ve checked 2 other places that provide inserts and their prices break down to $3.32-$3.50 per 2 inserts (paper). My cost will remain at about $2.20! After that, I still feel like I’m passing on my savings and helping others out!! I want you all to know I love helping you and hope I can continue to do so.

Now for the math!! We all know I love numbers!!

Here’s what a monthly subscription might look like with 4 weeks in the month (8-10 inserts) for a customer who orders 3 of each:
Week 1- 3 of each insert (3) x.50= $4.50
Week 2- 3 of each insert (2) x.50= $3.00
Week 3- 3 of each insert (2) x.50= $3.00
Week 4- 3 of each insert (2) x.50= $3.00

To save on shipping, I ship bi-weekly.
Insert cost: $16.50
Shipping cost $5 for each envelope (flat rate envelope) $10
Total= $26.50
My cost= approximately $2.20 per paper

Company A charges: 5 of each insert= $17.50 per week That’s $3.50 per paper essentially

Company B charges: $1.35 per insert= 2.70 per paper, plus shipping ($3.94)= $3.32 per paper.

*** Please note, the per paper price for my subscriptions will be substantially less if you order 5, 10, or 15 inserts since you will be shipping more in one envelope! 🙂

Thanks again, I hope you all understand the changes that I have to make, and they will be effective with December subscriptions!


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