Tips & Tricks, Part 1

It’s been asked so many times, and I want to help out anyone who’s a beginner! Tips and tricks are the two things I’m always asked for. So, here it goes! In this first post of 2012, I’m going to cover my own personal way of organizing my coupons and shopping lists. First, I always buy my inserts in multiples of 10. 10 for me each week, sometimes more (it really depends if there’s an awesome (to me) coupon in there!)

Here’s where I store my extra inserts. Inside I have hanging file folders with tabs and the date on the tabs. It’s a WRECK or I’d post a pic (we’ll save that for next week– so I have time to organize it better!). For instance, 1/1/12 on one tab 1/8/12 on the next. I put all inserts from that week in there. This is for clipped coupons only (inserts I’ve pulled from!). Aside from that, I keep all the un-cut inserts somewhere else. BUT, that is only because I sell them. Otherwise, I’d put them in a second hanging file in my box. I keep all inserts until the coupons inside have expired.

Once I get my inserts organized, it’s time to clip! At first I don’t clip every single coupon (only the ones I feel will be used. We can cover that subject in the next post! A local grocery store sometimes triples coupons up to either 99¢ or $1 so I have a separate section in my binder for those coupons I wouldn’t otherwise use (unless tripling is going on!). 

Next, I put them in my binder! I printed a table of contents and pages to mark each section from the Krazy Coupon Lady’s website. You can find those here: 

I use a standard Avery binder that cost something like $4 at Meijer. Like I said, I really don’t clip coupons I don’t think I will use, just the ones I know we will use (which allows me to use a 2 inch binder!). I organize them in baseball card holders, which has 9 pockets per page. I also have a mix of currency pages (found them on both amazon and eBay!) which has 3 horizontal pockets on each page, and makes it easier to organize coupons that are really long! Here’s what my binder pages look like when they are open  

I am always open to new ideas!!! Does anyone else have a different way of organizing their coupons so they are more easily located when you are out shopping? I’m hoping this month I have budgeted enough so I can re-vamp my binder and get a new one! Also, feel free to suggest smaller sub-categories if you wish!
The categories I currently have for my binder are:
1. Produce
2. Salty Snacks
3. Granola Bars/Fruit Snacks
4. PB & J
5. Fruit
6. Vegetables
7. Pasta
8. Soup
9. Baking
10. Breakfast
11. Prepared Sides & Rice
12. Condiments/Salad Dressing
13. Drinks
14. Refrigerated
15. Yogurt
16. Freezer
17. Candy
18. Baby
19. Reynolds Ziploc
20. Paper Products
21. Surface Cleaners
22. Laundry
23. Dish Washing
24. Miscellaneous
25. Air Fresheners/Candles
26. Cold/Allergy Medicine
27. Vitamins
28. First Aid
29. Beauty
30. Oral Care
31. Soap & Body Wash
32. Hair Care
33. Lotion
34. Shaving & Deodorant
35. Feminine Hygiene
36. Pets
37. Target Coupons
38. Register rewards (Catalinas for Kroger, Meijer, Walgreens, CVS)


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