More beginners tips!

In this post I’m going to answer the top few questions I always get asked!

How do you clip SO many coupons?
Well, until a week ago- I used scissors and stacked 10 inserts at a time. Now, I have a paper cutter and it works wonderfully! Makes clipping a 20 minute job instead of 2 hours!

How do you keep coupons organized?
Well, I’m starting a new system (just sorted 2 days ago actually!) Here are my categories: In the very front is Checklane stuff (candy bars, gum, etc), Breakfast, Fruit & Veggies, Pasta/Ethnic foods (includes dry pasta, sauces, and pasta meals like healthy choice that are found in macaroni aisle), Canned foods (includes soups), Baking, Boxed foods (includes stuffing, hamburger helpers, boxed potatoes, etc), Condiments, Drinks, Refrigerated (includes dairy), Frozen foods, Beauty (this is a BIG one! I use 4 categories inside this one!) Soap/body wash, shampoo, makeup, feminine care, Laundry & Dishwashing, Paper Products & Cleaners, Baby, Pharmacy (which includes medicine and toothbrushing), Miscellaneous, and Pets.

Where do you get SO many coupons?
Well, I buy them from someone who mails them to me, then I mail them on to you ladies! I don’t make much money off of them, I more so enjoy spreading the word, and getting other people to use coupons!!

What coupon database do you use?
Easy! Money Saving Mom’s!! Here’s the link. Best of all, it’s FREE!

There aren’t coupons for ‘healthy foods’! How do you save on those?
You’re exactly right, there aren’t very often. It’s VERY rare to find a produce or meat coupon. Very rare! These are ‘staples’ at our house, and since we really don’t consume a lot of meat, it’s the one thing I do pay full price for. From time to time, Kroger puts coupons in their mailers for discounts off of entire shopping trips. Something like $5/ $50 purchase or $1 off $5 produce purchase. I take full advantage if I can find those!

What non-grocery/household items do you use coupons on?
I use coupons ANY time we go out to eat, or we order from the value menu. Since it’s just the 2 of us usually, we do mainly fast-food. I know, unhealthy! Chick Fil A is Addy’s favorite, and there are rarely coupons there so we go for Kids night on Wednesdays (formerly on Tuesdays!). Gas for my car is the other big one! Whenever I can, I use my Kroger points towards gas! You get points on any purchase made there BEFORE coupons! Which is SO nice. Tonight my total was over $100, and after coupons it was somewhere around $13. That’s a 10¢ off per gallon discount!

How in the world do you have time to use so many coupons when you work and have a little one?
Well, many of you may or may not know, my little one is going to be 3 soon, and is developmentally the age of about 18 months. She has lots of special needs and we are in therapy 4-5 times a week, and she also has preschool 2 times a week. Then, I work 3-5 days a week on top of that. Yes, it is crazy around here most days and I’m not sure how I’ve maintained sanity! But, I make it a priority to use coupons whenever I can because coupons allow me to not work a full-time job. Coupons, and selling thing on eBay on occasion. It’s impossible to work full-time with my little one needing so much extra attention/help! In a nutshell- it’s totally possible. Just takes an hour a week to organize/clip coupons! I do it after my little one has gone to bed, usually on Wednesday or Thursday while I’m watching shows I like on TV!

Is it worth it?
Yes, it is! I mean, who doesn’t love FREE or cheap? I love both! If I can stock up on a year’s supply of a single item and pay almost nothing for it, I will. It takes storage space, and I’m going to soon be losing my under-the-stairs closet. When we move, I’ll have to get a new game plan.

What’s your stockpile look like?
Well… .let’s save that for another post- because right now I’d be totally embarrassed to post a photo of it. There are bags laying everywhere in the closet, and some things are ‘homeless’. =)

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