Extra coupons = extra help!

One of the most frequently asked questions I get is WHAT do you do with your extra coupons? 
Well, I have a couple of answers.
IF they are expired, I send the best grocery coupons to troops. Basically, they can use them up to 6 months past expiration!!! You can check out details on that over at http://www.couponsfortroops.com  

If they aren’t expired, I have found something new to do with them! Only one catch, you have to watch the dates dependent on when you will be mailing them in! Last week, I mailed in $9 worth of credit (much more $ of coupons), and it cost me something like $1.64 to ship them. Be SURE to ship with delivery confirmation so you can track your order should it become lost! 

Here’s the clipping service I send my extras too. Hint- the higher the value the more worth your time it is since they give you 2% of the coupon’s face value! 
http://www.couponcuttersco.com  is their site! 
Last week, I got $9 something in credit, and used it to buy my favorite coupons from the 4/29 inserts I wanted extras of. I’m almost never at a shortage for inserts but sometimes there are coupons I LOVE, or aren’t available in my area! 

Lastly, the most sad solution to too many coupons. It STILL helps, someone! 
Put them in one of those paper retriever recycle bins. I try to always take them to Addy’s school so they get the fundraising dollars for it, but sometimes I am just not going in that direction when I’ve had ENOUGH of the 4-6 boxes of inserts in my dining room.

I hope this post has provided you at least some insight! Feel free to ask any other questions you may have! 



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