Subscription Announcement

As much as it saddens me to have to make this announcement, I will soon be cutting back subscriptions. This past month (June), I had 10 or 11 invoices I had to cancel for non-payment. I had 4 people NOT pay for extra inserts they received in May. I trusted them in good faith since I had never had a problem with anyone paying in months past. In May and June, I have cost myself a lot of money in inserts I simply cannot use all of. One person cannot possibly use 100+ inserts a week.

So, for July at this point, I have not completely decided whether or not I will be continuing to offer subscriptions. As always, I will be ordering and shipping for those who did pay their June invoices as I had noted in the Paypal invoice. I will announce the decision as soon as I come to one! I may just restructure how I offer them, do billing, or accept payments. What do you ladies think? The only solution I cam come up with involves pre-payment. Should I just require you set up a credit account where you either a) gift me money via paypal to avoid fees b) send a personal check (from approved subscribers only!) or c) send money via money order. What I would do, is credit your account and once you get to $5 or below I will send you an email saying you need to add money to your account.

Please feel free to weigh in, and let me know if you have any suggestions!


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