Subscriptions July forward.

Ok, as you ladies know I’ve posted about this before. I will be changing the way subscriptions work. Due to a massive amount of unpaid invoices over the past couple of months and MOUNDS of extra inserts on my desk, I will now be requiring a credit system for each person’s account. 

Here is how it will work!

You send me a personal check (IF you are on my approved list, ask if you are concerned) or
send me funds via paypal ‘gift’ function ONLY or
postal money order ONLY

for payment on your account. I will put you into your own tab on Excel, and track your remaining credit. Once you get down to $10 or 1 week’s worth of inserts (whichever is less) I will send you an email to your regular email address to notify you to add funds!

For instance: You send me a check/money order/paypal for $25 on July 1st. You get inserts for 3 weeks and I notice your balance is $9.50. I send you an email saying your balance is below $10 and you need to add funds. You would then send another check for your account. There is no minimum amount, but keep in mind if your balance goes to $0 I will not order inserts for you that week. I am happy to provide an estimate of about what it will take to cover your account for the month (or longer if you choose).

This new payment system will also add flexibility if you want to up the number of inserts through Noon the Saturday before the insert is scheduled to come out. It will also alleviate the problem I’ve had in the past when extra ‘surprise’ inserts have popped up. Last time that happened, I lost over $30 in unpaid inserts I had sent to ladies who never paid their invoices.

I have tons of amazing references from ladies who have subscribed for (some over a year!) a long time. I will continue to mail bi-weekly if you prefer OR can offer weekly mailings if that would work better for you.

Since Facebook has changed it and does not allow all fans to be reached by posts without paying, things have gotten complicated for me. I apologize for the changes, but I think it will be in the best interest of myself and my subscribers! 

I will also no longer accept new subscribers as freely as I used to due to situation I had last month. New subscribers will be added at only 1 per month until I get a handle on this new system!

Lastly, I will also now require a GOOD email address to contact you at, so I can communicate who’s packages are shipping what day. I feel it will be the best method! 

Please contact me if you have any further questions!


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