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Its almost here!

Yep, Christmas is almost here…

I wanted to reflect on Christmas time. The past couple of years I’ve been a little spirit-lacking.Why? well for obvious reasons. This year, I’m not completely in the spirit but I did turn on Christmas music a couple of times so that counts, right?

I am SO excited for Addy to open her presents. Last year we still had some left to open into February!

My favorite part of this time of year? Adopting a child, elderly person, etc. Usually I get 2 or 3. This year, since I’m not working I don’t get to adopt anyone. I probably could have if I didn’t spend so much on Addy but I want to spoil her while I can. Okay, back to the point. So I have found some awesome coupons lately making toys free or nearly free! I have around 20 games to donate. I was looking for a toys for tots drop off, and saw the insurance agency just up the street had toys for tots drop off on their sign. So, tomorrow Addy & I will be going there to give our games.

Also, I will be gather a case of canned foods to donate. I get a ton of free veggies, soups, etc with coupons and I save them up. We are going to search out a food pantry here in town to drop those off!

The point of my post is- even if you don’t have a lot of money donate what you can. A little bit really helps families that can’t afford much because there are people out there with less than what [we have]. Sometimes its the little things that make someone’s day.

I know once I am a teacher (my hopes are to be in 2 years) I will have a hard time this time of year if there are children in my class who will be going without. It will be the toughest part of the job for me, and I am going to have to strategize how to overcome that.



First of all- I hate to admit it but yesterday I stopped in Meijer when the chick from Olan mills tried to sell me something! I usually say hi to her, but don’t listen to the whole pitch. I did this time because I have seriously been lacking time away from baby talk! Well, today we had a fun time with our friends and an entire day out of the house!! First time all week other than grocery shopping. While the kiddos were playing- both of us mommies did not have our real cameras. So, this is what you get: a phone picture.

I must say- it was refreshing to be out of the house. AND I tried the southwest salad at Mc D’s today too. It was pretty tasty, I think I’ll get another one sometime. Oh, aside from the weird weed looking thing they call lettuce.

I also want to say I’m proud of my mommy friend Tiffany because she’s taken up couponing too!! She scored a TON of groceries, diapers, formula & such for a ton less than her normal bill for her family of 5 =) I’m telling you it’s easy aside from the time you spend searching the deals!! Stay tuned for next week’s tip and remember to check out the FB page to stay up to date on sales!
Something else on my mind: Grammatical errors erk me! Seriously if you don’t know how to use the words their, there, and they’re or too, to, and two- DONT USE THEM! Please. For my sanity’s sake.

It’s beginning to sound a lot like..

Christmas! yep, you heard me right. It’s so nice today! Despite me feeling ill, I think I’m going to try to find a way to put up my Christmas lights outside! I don’t think I am going to turn them on yet- but get them up before my hands turn to ice while doing so. Oh, and this weekend=Christmas tree time. HOPEFULLY Addy doesn’t try to climb it!

I’m needing some Mommy input! Here are the gifts I’ve gotten Addy so far. I want something super spectacular and I don’t think I’ve reached that yet. I was thinking a VW Beetle Power Wheels maybe? So cute!!
Her gifts:
A little lady but car thing for dolls
A Melissa & Doug wooden kitchen complete with:
A M&D pots & pans set, 5-8 food sets, and her very own cafe’ to go along with it. I know i know she needs a table and chairs but we’re going to be tight on space!
A ball pit- with 250 balls. YES 250 and I know I’m crazy!
2 Lalaloopsy dolls: Mittens Fluff n Stuff & Crumbs Sugar Cookie
A monkey pillow pet
A fisher price cash register
New shoes and more new shoes!
A buggy thing that she can ride on (non motorized) (I got it for her 1st bday but she wasn’t walking -still isnt)
A sit & spin (also bought like a year ago)
A giant bag of mega blocks
I know there are more toys in my closet but I can’t think of them!
I really want to make her a giant magnetic chalkboard but that’s slow going. I don’t know where to get the magnetic metal cut to size and I obviously don’t have a saw! I found the paint and frame.. so maybe that’ll be a good chore for my brother =) To go with that she got a set of wooden alphabet magnets to go with her other 2 sets on the fridge. I hope to hang this in her play area so she can draw till her heart’s content ❤

Unwritten territory?

First, I want to refer you to my facebook page for some awesome deals I’ve posted in the past few days. I have been limiting them to only super-awesome deals lately!!
Penny Pinching Mom

Today Miss Addy had her flu shot.. and she didn’t even cry!! Oh my goodness- my daughter is tougher than I am! After that, she was treated to Mc D’s nuggets & fries! She loved them 🙂 And, we went off to the park for a play date with our friend (and fellow blogger) Ciara & her little one Reaghan. Here’s my favorite poses from playtime:

On to the real reason behind this post:
Is there some sort of unwritten rule that someone you love shouldn’t be friends with someone you DON’T like? You know, like they are too close for comfort? I don’t know how to explain it really.. There aren’t many people I don’t like to be honest, but there are the select couple. We all have the ‘sort’ of people we don’t care for. Mine happens to be worthless people. Again, we all have our own definition of that too. Before I honk someone off, I’ll leave it at that!

First- updates on miss Addy!
She’s been standing on her own a TON the past 2 days. Her therapist says its a sign she’ll be walking in a couple more weeks. (Thank goodness, I don’t want to go to the neurologist!)
She says “CHOO” like she’s sneezing. So cute! Mim (My Mom) taught her. I caught it on video tape earlier too.
She now knows 4 different signs (yep, as in sign language) and uses them appropriately. She doesn’t say a lot of words- but does use her signs well!

Looks like therapy will be over in December, which is great but also freaks me out a bit… it’s kind of like a bike without training wheels. I honestly look forward to the therapist’s visits. She is an awesome person and so sweet!

I ordered a new camera lens today. Amazon promises it on my doorstep by 9 am tomorrow.. Let’s hope so because we’re heading out to the zoo around Noon tomorrow!

Right now, Addy is asleep on the rug. Her room is FAR too cold for her to sleep in. The vents don’t work. Until we can get that problem fixed in our own way, she’s in my room =)

I can’t wait to take her to the zoo tomorrow.. it’ll be her third visit. We have a ton to do, along with photos, so I’m sure she’ll be worn out! She’s never been on a carousel before and I hope that gets to be a first tomorrow!

Love <3

After a 2 hour ‘mental health break’ this afternoon I can conclude my angel & I had a wonderful day! Tonight, we had her photos taken (again). YES, that’s 3 weekends in a ROW. What can I say- I LOVE PHOTOS!! Since I haven’t nailed down someone to take Addy’s photos for the next several years, for every season, we have been on the search for our ‘home’ photo place. AND…… I GOT A BARGAIN DEAL!! Of course. I paid $9 for 6 sheets of photos.. No complaints here. Mim went with us, so we got lots more.. but the basic pkg was very reasonable.

I don’t mind paying more for photos, because I expect wonderful work. I dressed my princess up in one of her new outfits that screams Fall, and made our way to the Picture People. The photographer was super nice & our photos were done before we left. Not the usual kind of place I go, but her work is very acceptable, and will due during Winter months when I cannot do Addy’s photos myself.

When we got home, we practiced walking! Fun, but still not doing it on her own. =( It’ll happen eventually and I can’t wait! There’s nothing cuter than a chunky, wobbly baby!

On another note- I feel kinda guilty about this but had to share. I dropped the income tax course I conveniently picked up as an ‘extra’. After a C on the exam I thought I got an A on I took it as my sign that tax returns are NOT my thing. Deductions, Exemptions, blah. It’s official now since it disappeared from my student center. I hated to do it, but I don’t need the class and really don’t have time to concentrate on something I’m not even remotely interested in. It’s nice to have less classes and more time with my love, Addy. That also means less stress, which is a great thing right now. Most days i feel stretched to the limit. I keep hoping that one day I’ll eventually be ‘better’ again.

Feeling inspired..

First, a DEAL!!
Beauty & the Beast comes out tomorrow.. $12.99 at selected stores & you can score a $10 coupon! Wooo hoo!!

Okay on to the next point: so my daughter is an EXACT image of me. Younger of course. She had a hoodie on today and kept pulling at the neck of it. I totally do that! I don’t wear anything with a collar or hood unless it buttons up. Good news is, her sweatshirt had some buttons. I kept wondering what she was doing because she was also doing a weird head tilt.. I couldn’t figure it out until she started pulling on it. Things like this, and how she rubs her fingers together when she’s sleepy or nervous (so do I and so did my Grandpa) make me love her even more.

I also love how she’s active when she sees something on TV. When they clap she claps and when they sing she sings. Oh how she just melts my heart!
In case you missed it, here are some of her latest photos, by me of course! Having a Mommy obsessed with her camera must be rough on a little one. 🙂

Addy’s getting FOUR molars, at once.

Yes, she’s been SUPER DUPER moody this week. Let’s hope all the teeth get through so Mommy can have her sanity back! On a better note, she’s trying so hard to stand on her own and almost does it. Her right foot is doing better so she can balance now. Therapy will continue for at least 3 more months, but she is making progress =)

We went to the park for some photos earlier, and swinging of course (Addy’s favorite!). I can’t wait to put them on my computer so I can see how they turned out!

After that, we went to Payless for groceries. (No the shoe store!). We were in line to check out when I overheard a Mom telling her little boy (probably about 4) that he couldn’t have a candy bar. Her reason wasn’t because it’s bad for you, because we haven’t had dinner yet, or any other normal reason for a Mommy to tell her kid no. Her reason was this, and I quote “I’m not spending MY money on that junk. You will have to wait until tomorrow when we get our food stamps.” SERIOUSLY?? WTF is wrong with people? I don’t work, and am on a VERY STRICT budget, but my baby gets everything she wants and she doesn’t even know how to tell me she wants something! I reached into my purse and got out $1.50 and gave it to him. I said, “Here. This is MY money, and I want you to have it for YOUR candy bar.” And he said thank you! I don’t get it. Why have kids if you can’t get them everything they want, even if it is a candy bar YOU don’t want to pay for? Parenting is definitely a skill and so many people don’t have it.

Dear Tuesday…

So, if you haven’t done so already check out my feature on Nana’s Deals & More FB page. I got 33 items the other day for under $10! All were originally over $1 each too =)

Tonight Addy & I had dinner with Mom at Qdoba (one of my FAV places!) Delicious!! Cheese nachos & tortilla soup.

Also, tonight I’m in the mood to share a few old pics of Addy.. I just want everyone to see how’s she’s grown into the pretty little girl she is. Beware, there is one from shortly after her birth (don’t look if you’re squeamish but it’s not THAT bad, promise).

As I’ve said before this little girl is my whole entire world. I wouldn’t have it any other way and I’m so glad I get to be at home with her and teach her all kinds of new things. Words can’t even explain how much I love her and I don’t know what I would without her.

Besides that, I’m a little bit at a loss for words today, mostly because I’m missing my best friend a lot the past few days, who was Always the first person to congratulate me on my accomplishments. Thankfully some of the family helps with the pain I’m feeling after his loss. If nothing else, I just want justice. Let me clarify, I know him leaving us was an accident and no, I’m not pointing the finger at someone, but for every action there is a consequence. Please keep the family in your thoughts and hope for justice to be served. Once a Carter always a Carter and we stick together =)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Clarification for the ‘nosey’ folks:

Okay, so I must say this first.
In case you care to know, all of Addy’s items I sell directly benefit her. Every single PENNY goes into her college fund. I even pay shipping out of my own pocket (not out of her $$). Therefore, I personally DO NOT benefit from the sale of her items. WIth that said, I would also like to point out I pay my own bills, David does not pay them. Hence the reason I am so frugal with my money. I only have so much saved, and that won’t go too far. I don’t have to stay in this house, I’d gladly go stay with my Mom, also eliminating my half of utilities..
Point taken? Good, it should be.

Onto another ‘funny’ story I can’t believe I forgot to post yesterday!! I got a phone call from American Funds, who wanted to do a phone interview. Some of the lady’s questions included:
*So you mean you don’t have a reference from the bank? WTF? I left on very good terms. Idiot.
*Do you have corporate accounts experience? (My response was, depends what you mean by corporate accounts!) Seriously lady? You are in charge of hiring people??
Needless to say, the woman was a total ditz and asked stupid questions.

Maybe I should take my resume off Career Builder so I don’t get bothered… I’m not really looking for full-time work, but I wouldn’t mind something part-time in Children’s Retail. Hmmmm….. maybe I should spend more time looking? I doubt it. I’d rather do what I love to do, be at home with my sweetheart.

On that note, Addy walked by herself yesterday while holding onto her blanket. 2 steps, but it still counts! Also, she took 1 step from the coffee table to the couch but took a dive and fell. Progress is happening!
That’s it for today =)

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