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Saturday you come so soon??

Today- My friend Lacey & I went on a little road trip.. It was fun and …… quiet. I left Addy with Mom for a few hours and we shopped faster than I have shopped in MONTHS! I also didn’t buy much (BIG surprise!)… I found a few things Addy ‘needed’ for good prices, and we headed back home.

Addy has gotten 7 (now 8) pairs of shoes this week. 2 pairs of Pumas, a pair of Chucks (black goes with everything!), a pair of Nike Shox, a pair of Stride Rite pretty shoes, and 3 pairs of sandals. Wait- I forget about the 2 other pairs we received in the mail earlier this week! So- 10 pairs of shoes! She LOVESSSS her shoes- literally. Whenever she gets a chance to look in her closet- it’s straight to the shoes! She’s going to be such a diva as she grows up and I won’t complain. I always thought I’d be the Mom stuck raising a tom-boy. Nope! She loves shoes, hair accessories, and leggings!

After we got home today, I went to shop for new places to live. Fingers crossed we may have found a place. It seems nice, and is a townhome. I’ve wanted to live in one since my apartment days. Hopefully it works out. If not, we’ll keep looking! If all goes as planned, we will be moving in 3 short weeks.

Also today- the appliance repair man came. Remember the mice problem I’ve been having? The one that grosses me out?? Well, my refrigerator was apparently acting as a mouse trap since David’s contraption wasn’t successful this time. It is supposedly fixed but the fridge isn’t getting very cold yet. So, we will see what happens.

I am glad i was off work most of this week- I have gotten a ton done. Tomorrow I plan on cleaning the house some more, organizing Addy’s room and de-junking a few ‘hiding’ places for my stuff. Magazines have GOT to GO before the move. As much as I would like to keep every single recipe magazine I don’t want to carry that box. A moving crew would be nice– anyone want to give me one as a gift?? =)


Some deals today!!

First, I wanted to share the STEAL I got today.. on A VW Beetle Powerwheels for Addy. Some of you understand why this is such a major find for me… Ok, so the original price $129.99. How much do you think I paid?? . . . . . . YEP! $60! That’s less than half price, and an awesome birthday gift for Miss Addy. That also means off of her Birthday gifts have been purchased a whole 5 months early!

We went on to Payless and Meijer to get our groceries for the next 2 weeks and saved $115. We spend $99 and some change, and even picked up some toiletries too!!

For free today:
Chi Chi’s salsa (I NEVER pay for this stuff!)
3 boxes of excedrin
1 bottle of body lotion
1 pkg of Huggies diapers
1 pkg tortillas
3 pkgs coast soap bars
1 bottle of gold peak tea

For cheap today:
Olay body wash w/ a free bonus on the bottle!
The VW powerwheel!
2 pkgs Heluva chip dip (19¢ and I forgot chips!! Lol)
Eggs (actually had a coupon for them!!)
Toothpaste (50¢ for 3d white!)

That’s all I can think of right now.. but I made one heck of a deal and can’t believe I saved so much! And the money I saved on the powerwheels- the highlight of savings in 2010!! The most I’ve saved on one single item!

Now, to organize my stockpile tomorrow. That means emptying ALL the cabinets and giving homes to each item! Wish me luck!

2010 in a nutshell

Ok- first things first. I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again. 2010 has been one of the worst years ever. For me at least.

This year I have been forced to do something really hard: say goodbye to one of my best friends, who was also a big part of my life for 10 years. I said goodbye to my job and hello to my Bachelor’s degree.

The most positive thing that has happened this year: Miss Addy turned one and had a fun party.

I’ve spent about 4 months at home, and was able to see Miss Addy take her first steps. That, I would trade nothing for. Had I been working I would have missed it. I always wonder how stay at home Mom’s do it.. and now I am really questioning that. It’s time for me to go back to work. I’ve had fun being home but I also like to spend money- so I need to make some. Photography season is over and I am super sad I haven’t gotten a chance to work with any clients this month.

Banking isn’t for me. I liked certain portions of my job- but hated others. SO- my next venture= retail children’s clothing. Yep, I’m totally interested! Kids are totally my passion and ONE day I’ll be able to show how much kids really do mean to me. More of my own? I love Addy and am not sure I want her to have siblings at this point. One day I may change my mind but for now I’m satisfied with her being an only child. Besides, after all we’ve been through this year I’m not sure what our future holds.

I’ve wanted to move out of state for quite some time.. and just maybe I’ll have the chance very soon. Somewhere sunny and warm- but that also means hurricanes usually. Suggestions? We need something where the cost of living isn’t ridiculous.. I’ve always wanted to live in NYC but that isn’t feasible with a small child who has to go to daycare. 😦 I wouldn’t find anyone I could trust.

Tomorrow we have a couple of stops to make, and on Saturday I had planned on staying home like we did last year, but my Grandmothers want to see Addy so I will give in. Besides, my Great-Grandma will be out to visit, and I hope to get a 5 generation photo with Addy, my father, grandma, great grandma, and myself. Not many kids get to meet their great-great-grandma’s. I think it’s pretty special!

Don’t worry I will be blogging on Saturday or Sunday to fill you in on Addy’s reaction to the room full of gifts. I can’t wait to see the look on her face! Last year she screamed.. This year I think she will be excited, at least a little bit!

Look at this face : How can you NOT love her?

A Heartfelt Day

Ok, so I have to admit- I’ve had this blog draft saved for quite some time. I’ve been bothered by it for a while and have just kept quiet. But this morning when I woke up I realized I have to say it. I’ll begin the story a paragraph or so down, so read on!

Tomorrow, I hope to take Addy for her December photos and to get her first Build-A-Bear. A Build-A-Bear is her reward for walking. I promised her we would stop at that store once she learned how to walk. (Yes, I know she probably doesn’t remember- but I know how it feels to live a life of broken promises, so I’m keeping mine =) ) Every time we walk by the Build-A-Bear store she is mesmerized. I know she won’t understand what she’s doing but I know I’ll enjoy it and take pictures so she won’t forget.

I feel super bad for Addy. Her only friends are Pugs. That means she too thinks she IS a Pug. Rarely ever does she get to play with other kids because my friends kids are different ages, always busy, or just too darn conceited to have playtime.

Granted I don’t have a ton of friends left and that’s perfectly fine- but my heart truly breaks for Addy. Her playtime days consist of playing with Mommy who really doesn’t play like a baby, or pulling on the Pugs tails, faces, and Pug rolls. She is going to grow up just like I did- with lacking a childhood. I never had other kids to play with and was forced to ‘grow-up’ at a very early age. Looking back I HATE that (and FYI I never use the word hate but I’m a little upset here). I was always reading books, doing homework, or playing barbies by myself. It sucked, royally!

What am I going to do? Well, I thought about taking her to toddler reading time at the library but last time we went Addy was the only one there. Maybe I need to go to a different library, or maybe I need to find a way to afford a day of daycare a week so she can go play with others. Either way, I have to do something because I don’t want her to grow up as a loner the way I did.

Perhaps that is the reason Miss Addy has 2, almost 3 rooms full of toys she hardly touches. I want to give her everything- except the one thing she does need, a friend to play with. Don’t get any ideas I don’t want more children for a while. She is a handful by herself- and I don’t want to deprive her of the time she deserves before it’s taken away by a sibling.

Where’d November Go??

In just a few days it will be December. Normally I don’t like December and that’s because I think all of the holiday madness is ridiculous. This year, I happen to be in the holiday spirit. Even after everything that has happened this year, I am going to make it the best for Addy because I know this year will be a different experience from last year.
I have some exciting news to share! In 18 months, 3 days and somewhere around 8 hours my little princess FINALLY learned how to walk. I almost couldn’t believe my eyes when she did it. With a little support and convincing from Mommy she took lots of steps and walked about 5 feet. I never knew I would be SO happy! Ok, maybe it wouldn’t have been as big of a deal if she did it at a normal age like other kids! But, she took over a year and a half and 30 lbs is ALOT for me to carry!

I have 2 other subjects to discuss tonight:

First, have you ever stopped to think about technological advancements? As I was driving home tonight I was thinking about electricity and where it comes from- how it gets here.. etc. How old, outdated, and uncomfortable the airplanes must have been in the olden days when soldiers flew halfway across the globe to fight wars. How awesome it must have been in the 50’s when Johnny Cash debuted his new music that wasn’t like what anyone had heard before. It was just heavy on my mind tonight.

Lastly as I was coming home tonight and a state trooper followed me. I’m really torn if that was a good thing or a bad thing.. When he first turned I think it was just to follow me, but then I think it turned into something else. Since my car still has a paper plate- he had to shine his SUPER shiny light in my back window at the stop light to make sure it was legitimate. Then, after I came home and parked in my driveway he drove back by. In a sense it freaked me out, but in another sense it made me feel safe. I am always scared to walk in the house after dark- weird things have been happening in my neighborhood lately, and everywhere else too. A city officer would never even pay attention to weird people walking by, which was why I think the trooper turned back around. Then he sat down the road to make sure I made it in the house. The little things are the ones I appreciate most.

You know the feeling, right?

In just a bit I’m going to write the coupon tip of the week blog. . as soon as I can think of one!!
But first- I have to get this off my chest. I have several ‘old friends’ who I seldom talk to. One of them talks to me when my number is mysteriously found. Well, that day is today. Since my friend isn’t frequently in my life is it wrong to say I don’t want to hang out? I don’t want Addy around a ton of new people. I like to keep her life pretty routine for both our sanity. When she’s around new people she often ends up in one of her over bearing mommy please don’t leave me moods. Right now, I honestly can’t deal with another day of that. It has been a rough week around here for both of us. She’s fighting another ear infection and me, well, I’m still struggling with losing my best friend. I don’t want to say I’m depressed but I’m definitely not my normal self. I’m not looking to replace him and I think that’s what this friend is trying to do. No one can ever be the same to me, even after I know them for 10 years.

The rain isn’t helping either. I really wish I could wake up to sunshine & birds singing every day. Maybe that would help.

On another note: I wanted to share these images from a recent photo session I had with my friend Annie & her family! Things like these always make me feel better. I know, it’s a work in progress- But I’m getting better (or so I think!)

Dear Tuesday…

So, if you haven’t done so already check out my feature on Nana’s Deals & More FB page. I got 33 items the other day for under $10! All were originally over $1 each too =)

Tonight Addy & I had dinner with Mom at Qdoba (one of my FAV places!) Delicious!! Cheese nachos & tortilla soup.

Also, tonight I’m in the mood to share a few old pics of Addy.. I just want everyone to see how’s she’s grown into the pretty little girl she is. Beware, there is one from shortly after her birth (don’t look if you’re squeamish but it’s not THAT bad, promise).

As I’ve said before this little girl is my whole entire world. I wouldn’t have it any other way and I’m so glad I get to be at home with her and teach her all kinds of new things. Words can’t even explain how much I love her and I don’t know what I would without her.

Besides that, I’m a little bit at a loss for words today, mostly because I’m missing my best friend a lot the past few days, who was Always the first person to congratulate me on my accomplishments. Thankfully some of the family helps with the pain I’m feeling after his loss. If nothing else, I just want justice. Let me clarify, I know him leaving us was an accident and no, I’m not pointing the finger at someone, but for every action there is a consequence. Please keep the family in your thoughts and hope for justice to be served. Once a Carter always a Carter and we stick together =)

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Finally, another thing off my ‘bucket list’

I was getting Addy in her PJ’s tonight… I took the tags off of the cute pink PJs with monkeys on them (monkeys are my FAV!) and started putting them on her. They were a ‘bit’ snug. So I squeezed her chunky legs into them. I began singing ‘Fat guy in a little coat’ (from Tommy Boy!) and dancing around. **No, I wasn’t calling my daughter fat.
Next thing I know Addy screams, “Fat guy itlle oat”. I tried to call Mom to share, but she was already sleeping. I went to put her to bed and she kept saying fat guy fat guy fat guy. It’s something new with her everyday and I just love her to pieces!

On another note:
I’ve said from the beginning of my couponing journey I WILL walk out of the store without paying a dime. Today, I did just that. I got 12 free items! Sure they were duplicates, but I can say I did it! What did I get for free? 4 packets of Ortega taco seasoning, and 8 cans of Spaghettios (no meat! ick!) I may never use them all, but I figured I might as well get them and if they are still here (along with my other stockpile of canned foods) this Winter when the Boy Scouts have their food drive with the USPS I will donate them! You just CAN’T go wrong with free food. Especially cans that kids love, and may need.
Night =)

More milestones..

As a Mommy, there’s nothing more important than milestones in your little one’s life. Ok, so today I went in to get Addy from her bed after her nap. I heard some weird noises coming from her room. She only slept an hour (all day!). I go in, and she’s standing in her bed squealing and laughing because she found her belly button! One of the cutest things I’ve ever seen! She kept tickling her belly button and laughing.

A few days ago she discovered how to take her diaper off. (no more sleeping naked!). And then to top that off when I woke her up from her nap she pottyed in her bed. Oh no!!

Later today, we went to visit my Grandma. She wanted to go to Bob Evans (not my fav!) So we drove her to Greenfield to have her favorite dinner. I was so sad, because she kept saying I don’t want to eat dinner alone- please stay for dinner. I didn’t have plans (I rarely do) so we stayed until after dinner. We were having dinner, and Addy had one of her choking spells. (They have been gone for at least 6 months now but have recently started showing their ugly face again ) It ended up with Addy throwing up all over herself and me, but she was fine after I did a swoop of the back of her throat. One of the scariest moments in her life (to me). My baby has never choked to the point she turns red and is gasping for air.

I love my little girl so much, I couldn’t imagine my life without her. This little girl makes my heart melt. I’ve never felt love like this before. ❤

7 people, 1 camera, hard work!

Okay, so I did my first photo session with more than 3 people yesterday. I have to admit I was a bit nervous.. It was hard getting 7 faces to look in one place. Maybe I need a hat that lights up! Anyhow, Annie & her family are anxiously awaiting for me to share images so I wanted to provide a slideshow on my blog. Don’t worry.. I’m working on a photography blog separate from this one. Right now, I can barely handle all the little ‘projects’ I have going on. Anyone want to create my website for me?? Lol
These are just a few of my favorites!!

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