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What a week!

It’s been one of those weeks where I’ve been so busy I’ve barely had time for myself. One of the coolest things I’ve done this week… take some ADORABLE pics of my best friend’s kids. I’ll share a couple at the bottom of this blog entry! **** Must add there was a freaking SNAKE that went slithering by under the corn stalk bale when we moved it. Scared the $#*t out of me and I couldn’t scream or I’d scare the kids. Lol

Addy is growing like a weed, so I’ve recently replaced her wardrobe with bigger clothes. The only problem… Summer stuff is all gone so she’s wearing daisy dukes as we speak. She’s literally MOMENTS away from walking. I can tell she’s getting so close! The most exciting part: After Monday I get to be at home with her.. That means I’ll most likely get to witness the very 1st step!!
Any other Mom’s have a creative way to share to sell clothes? I’ve done okay on eBay… and Mom’s Shop & Swap (a Facebook page!) but I want something more. And no, not Craiglist. Too many freaks out there!

Until next time, I’ll be busy catching up bow orders!! Please recommend me if you have friends with little ladies =)


It’s Monday, again?

Ok, today’s been a rather productive day. First of all, I have to say Addy was a PRINCESS today (besides dumping all 5 toy boxes in the floor) but hey, she doesn’t really know what cleaning up is! Tonight, I’ve dedicated 2 hours to couponing and setting up my Etsy page. Go check it out when you get a chance. I only have a couple of items right now, and that’s because they charge you to list them whether or not they sell.

I’m also busy working on my list of 100 things to do before I’m 100. Once I thought about it, I decided to make it 100 things in 1000 days. I need some life goals because really soon I’ll no longer have professional goals. If you haven’t heard, I’ll no longer be working this time next week!

Ok, to share a story about my shopping trip to Payless (Kroger) earlier. I overhear these two hillbillies looking at Pedialyte in the baby aisle, man says to woman, “That’s too expensive.” woman says to man, “We have vitamin water at home. That will work the same.” I think to myself OMG! Seriously?? I don’t drink the stuff regularly, but I do know several varieties have TONS of caffeine in them. And to think they’re giving it to a sick baby. I’m officially a Mom now, so I went up to them and said, “I can’t help to overhear your conversation. I’m not meaning to be nosey but am concerned. Do you know vitamin water often contains caffeine? The electrolytes are what Pedialyte is supposed to replace.” The nicely thanked me and grabbed the Kroger brand Pedialyte. Pheewwww. I feel like a hero.

I got 20 items at Payless for under $20 today while I was there. Each item regularly priced at or above $2.99. So, I saved over $40. $15 in coupons, the rest Plus Card savings. A couple of interesting finds: Swiss Cake Rolls for 88¢ (I know, they’re bad for you but I used to crave them when I was pregnant and thought I could use a nice relaxing moment of pulling the outside chocolate away from the cakes and munching away.) Activia desserts (a form of yogurt) 29¢ after coupon. It was on Manager’s Special for $1.29 and I used a $1 coupon I printed online earlier today.


Hefty One Zip Bags, just 50¢ a box. Normally $3.59. They are on sale 10/$10 this week, and with the $1/2 coupon I scored (also printed online) it was like BOGO! I got 4 boxes today and plan on stopping again in a few days for 4 more (once I get more coupons printed!).

Night all. I’m off to work on a couple new bow designs 🙂

A couple of quick deals.

Okay, I wanted to share a couple of good deals, because I know other Moms use the same things as I do =) I got more Powerade for 38¢ today (Kroger extended their sale another week!) You have to buy 8 participating (or 16, 24, 32) items in one transaction. I also got lunchables for $1.16 (I know, sometimes they’re $1!) but that’s a great price for right now considering I haven’t seen them for $1 in like 4 months. Addy loves the ones with mini crackers & mini cheese!

Another great, no AWESOME find: Dannon yogurt. All Dannon yougurt, $1.88. I got Activia, Light & Fit, and most important Dan-O-Nino (Ad’s FAV!) for just 88¢ per pack after my $1 off coupons. These usually range upwards of $2-$2.50.

This afternoon I had some ‘Mommy time’ which meant I had to be productive and lay off the computer. I made a new style of bow, thought up a couple more ideas, got my order ready for more supplies, and re-arranged my back room. It was overflowing with my Y2K stockpile. Nothing can now been seen by the naked eye! I even did inventory on Addy’s Fall/Winter clothes and decided she only needs a couple items. Mostly shoes, socks, and hair accessories!

Dinner tonight: DISASTER. It was tasty, but I dropped my entire plate with smashed garlic tomato sauce on the WHITE rug. Thank goodness Grace likes people food and helped me clean, but the rug is still stained. 😦 We had cheese ravioli, french bread, and corn. (Bananas too for Ad). It was tasty! Half homemade but who’s watching?

Have a great night, we’re off to the park to swing for a bit. The house is getting boring tonight!

PPM’s At It Again!!

I’ve been hiding for a couple of days… that’s because I’m trying to decide which hairbows to make next!

So, I’ve been searching for a freezer for months… not because mine doesn’t work- because I need more room to STOCK UP!!  So, I consulted my friend called Craigs List. I know, I know, creepy weirdos lurk there. Not this time, just one redneck in a jeep without bumpers. Super nice guy. I got a freezer (small one) that is less than 2 years old, with a warranty, for around $100. What a steal. I’ll save that in the next week, so it just paid for itself.

Oh oh! Pick me! I know, we can buy like 50 mac & cheese microwave dinners (my favs!!), bagel bites, and those YUMMY strawberries to freeze for winter when we can’t find fresh ones. I can hear the excitement in Addy’s voice. Lol

Okay, so I wanted to share that piece because I will be sharing some ‘freezer’ meals soon. I hope to cook up meals for those evenings when I just don’t feel like cooking. As most of you know by now, I will soon be staying home with Addy and that’ll be a new adventure for me. I’ve worked since June of 1999, without a break (other than a normal vacation). It’s time for me time, and Addy time. I plan on making a go of a couple of my hobbies to make some extra cash. Wanna learn more? Message me!

Oh, and on another note.. I want to make my bucket list. I think that would be AMAZING! First up, a tattoo. Yep, I wanna brave the pain and get a star since they are my favorite objects ON EARTH!

That’s all for tonight. ❤

Today’s the day

… My sweetheart ❤ gets sick. Okay, so Addy has been a bit moody all week. I noticed a white spot where a new tooth is coming in, and chalked it up to that. Well, she got a high temperature yesterday, and it continued into today. The daycare called me about 2 and asked me to come and get her. So, I went back to work tied up my loose ends for the day, and picked her up.

I called her Pediatrician (who is AMAZING btw), and his office is closed today. Rats. So then after asking all the girls at work which MedCheck they use, we were off. We were in and out in under a half hour, and everyone was SO nice! She tipped the scales at 23 lbs 9 oz, which means she’s lost some weight since her 1 year checkup. Makes sense since she’s taller and more mobile now!

After much consultation, the Doc said Miss Addy has a double ear infection. One was worse than the other (the one I had never seen her pull at). And she’s on antibiotics now. On another note, David is passed out in the bedroom because he had some teeth surgically removed today. Yep, I’m the only well one around here so it looks like I won’t be able to make it to the 500 Festival of Pugs tomorrow. 😦 I’m so disappointed. I’ve been looking forward to this for a MONTH. Ugh.

Exciting news of the day= I got some AWESOME new ribbon today, a new clip pattern, and cute little appliques for some new clips. These particular ones will even work for newborns! I’m SO excited to make some this weekend and share images of them.

Happy Weekending!