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Roadtrip anyone??

Ok- it has been a while since I have been on a roadtrip without Addy. Seriously, until just now I did not realize I have never been as far away from her as I was on Saturday!! I made a big step and didn’t even realize it!! Ok ok enough about me overcoming my over-protectiveness!

My pal Ciara & I headed BACK out to IKEA (this time sans babies!) Last time we went we got stuck in a giant snow storm and IKEA closed early kicking us out in the cold, snowy, disgusting weather (not to mention roads)! That left us empty handed and cold on the interstate for a FIVE hour drive home (normally around 2!).

Saturday we headed back out! We made it there quickly to find the parking lot was FULL! We stopped at Starbucks for this yumminess:

A vanilla bean cupcake!! Tasty tasty tasty! I want another one now 🙂

Then we arrived at IKEA. HEAVEN on Earth- seriously! I love that place. We did our shopping, which was immensely fun! What’s a shopping trip without grabbing the wrong cart, realizing you did NOT buy a curtain rod and laughing your @&$ off?? It’s not!

After we checked out, I had to work a little ‘magic’ on the gangsta guy that was loading stuff. See- they aren’t supposed to strap stuff down to your car and for GOOD reason- because they don’t know what they are doing! So we were ready to go- bed strapped to the roof of Ruth (my car). Well, we thought we were. Here’s Ruth all loaded up!

We went around the corner to Buffalo Wild Wings where Ciara decided she needed to charge her phone. Note: My power jacks constantly blow fuses.

So, I had to dodge the guys in the doo-rags who were staring at us to open the hood and replace the fuse! Good thing I’m pretty handy! We went inside and kept our eyes on the ‘box’ on the roof of the car.I had a queso chicken wrap and it was pretty tasty too!

What’s a roadtrip without losing your stuff on the side of the interstate??? Well apparently it’s not a roadtrip for me. Last time I hauled something on my roof it ended with Jason’s life savings of clothes on the New Jersey Turnpike. I KNEW better than to strap something to my roof. We got about a mile down the road, had to pull off the side of the interstate in rush-hour traffic and open up the sun roof. YEP! We were holding onto the box on top of the car (while driving down the interstate at top speed of 54 mph).

We hit the next exit and made our way to a parking lot that didn’t look busy (to save embarrassment!) We took the bed out of the box and spent 10 minutes cramming it into the back seat a number of different ways. FINALLY we got it!

We were ready to hit the road again- without any more ‘cute’ things happening. And we were off- what a GREAT idea- hauling everything on the inside of the car. The dude at the store should have listened to me since that was my original idea!

I so needed a day out of the house to myself and Saturday was just about perfect! I had so much fun and we’ll have to do it again (next time let’s not buy SO much!) 🙂


Work, work, work

Work is going well.. I was quite surprised by the complexity of the things that goes into running a retail store!!! I didn’t have any idea all of the sales stuff that goes into it. Well- now I do! Lol

Besides the 2 main reasons I love my job: a huge discount, and getting first pick on the new stuff!
I enjoy my job, and the time I get away from home. I never thought I would admit it but being at home was a bit overwhelming for me. Especially since I had nothing to do (its too cold out!). I would be okay if it was Summer and I could go to the pool or the park! The only downside to working: I don’t have a sitter reasonably close to home. So the day often starts with a mini-roadtrip to Mom’s house to drop Miss Addy off. They are loving the time they get to spend together. I almost cried last night and tonight when I didn’t get to kiss my baby goodnight and put her in her PJ’s. I will get used to it eventually because I will be working early 2 days a week and late 2 days a week most weeks. This week’s good news: I’m off Fri-Sun. That’s nice! I enjoy days off, and hope they fall so I can take Addy to play time at the library too!!

That’s it for now.. I’m ready for bed soon I gotta be back at work at 9am.

A new chapter…

So, as most of you know by now 2010 brought a ton of huge changes in my life. I have said good riddens to 2010, and have decided in 2011 I am going to focus on me, Addy, and our future happiness!

So, tomorrow I will officially be re-entering the workforce. I have thoroughly enjoyed being home with Addy and it honestly breaks my heart to leave her, but I also need time out of the house. Even if it does mean a bajillion miles of driving to/from work and to drop Addy off at Mom’s. I’m pretty much positive I’m ready. Plus- I’ll get to meet some new ladies and socialize. That’s worth the drive to me- I miss adult interaction these days.

School starts again in oh- 15 days. Yep, that’s right and I haven’t even finalized my plans. Again because of all the driving involved, daycare situation, and the dreaded tuition. On that note- anyone want to buy my Escape?? I’ve had it for 3 months now and I really need to sell it to pay tuition. I’m sad to see it go because I loved that car, but I really need the cash to fork over to the school!

Next objective= work out a school and work schedule without feeling like I’m leaving my princess all day every day. That is going to be a challenge because I will be in class at least 2 1/2 days per week. Then there’s work and homework. My Bachelor’s was easier because I didn’t have many in class meetings. Ugh. So maybe I’ll be working on getting admitted to another (MORE expensive) school? I don’t know! I really don’t want to track across the state to Richmond 3x a week.

Anyhow, I am feeling a bit enlightened today, and I am excited to wake up tomorrow to a new day! To be quite honest it has been a VERY long time since I’ve felt this good about something, especially when it includes the word “work”! I’ll have a full update tomorrow.

Extremes, etc..

First of all- did you catch the special on Extreme Couponing last night on TLC? If not, catch it next Wednesday at 8 pm, or 1 am that same night (technically Thursday morning).
Some of those ladies/men are crazy. I mean- seriously what would you do with 40 years worth of tp? I do have a stockpile, but not more than 10 of the same item. Why? Because I draw the line at one back room with stuff packed into it. And, NO you can’t see it unless you go rummaging through my cabinets.

Ok, on to the next extreme! I was on my way home tonight and pulled up next to a van at the stop light. OH MY OH MY! Seriously, her whole front passenger’s seat was stacked full of crap. What kind of stuff? Old fast food cups, grocery bags, paper- lots of paper, and other random junk. Who does that??? I mean a trash can is provided at every single public place! Throw your piece of trash there. I’d have a panic attack if I sat there any longer and wanted to break out my camera on my phone to take a pic. I totally would have if it wasn’t dead. I am sure she saw the dropped-jaw look on my face! I think that MAY be a health hazard to her kids too.

Addy & I went on a little road trip today. It was nice to get out of the house, and even nicer to see some of the family we don’t get to see very often. It was even sweeter to be greeted by gifts, and two very special ones at that. Some days I need a little something to keep me going. Thanks again Melinda!

While we’re on the subject- I wanted to take a minute to remind everyone my dis-faith in the criminal justice system right now. After some discussion it has been brought to my attention the amount of favoritism that is being given to a certain criminal. A criminal is what he is, and someday he will get payback. Sometimes I wish I were the higher power so I could make things happen- I know I can’t- but we CAN wish, right?

Life as we ‘know it’

Tonight’s title is inspired by a quote I’ve liked for a very long time. It honestly makes me sick to think of all the times it has been appropriate for me to say. I’m pretty sure the last time I was discussing this theory of my life it was with one of my best friends ever, Adam. I really miss him a TON. The times when I needed some advice he would always be there, and have something to say. Life as ‘we know it’ has changed, once again and that totally stinks.

So, on to the main purpose of writing this post. I just wanted to give a little insight into some of my beliefs, etc. I’m not saying they are the correct ones by any means- but they are mine.

Ever wondered how someone with a less-than-model parent turns out? Well usually it’s one of two ways. 1- they are just like their parents. 2- they choose to better themselves and make better choices for their children. You guessed it- I’m 2.

Growing up I always got what I needed, and sometimes wanted. My Mom gave me most of the things I asked for. I didn’t get the coolest clothes, we didn’t drive a new car, and we didn’t have a giant house. In fact we lived in a trailer. Those aren’t really the most important things either, but to a kid they are. It’s so unfortunate how the world has become. Seriously, kids are vicious! My little Addy isn’t going to have to go through some of the things I did when I was growing up. I won’t allow it.

Although we didn’t have a lot of money, I did have one valuable: my family. From my earliest memory I recall my grandparents (2 Grandmas and a Grandpa) always spending time with me. My Dad’s Mom always had me one night a week- never failed. She never skipped our day and she always made me dinner (macaroni & cheese). My Mom’s parents spent as much time as they could with me too. In the Summers and on Winter break I would always go stay at their house. Grandma always made me pancakes and Grandpa and I would sneak away for lunch (he had heart surgery and was on a limited diet). I have countless memories of fun things from my childhood and 9/10 the people involved were one of my grandparents.

Grandpa and I used to have vegetable stands. I went on vacation with my Grandparents, and spent a ton of time with them. It was always a treat to go on vacation because Mom never really got one- she always worked. We went on all sorts of travels and it was so much fun. Also a treat for me because we got to go out to eat- even for breakfast.

Sometimes it is the little things in life that matter the most. As you know from my post last week- in an effort to enrich Addy’s experiences I have began looking for playgroups and activities to do with her. Last week we checked out toddler time at the library. She had so much fun! She played with a toy that we have at home, and didn’t even cry when a little boy took part of it away from her. Next, I am going to join the local MOPS program and take her to playtime 2 times a month. That will also provide me with an opportunity to meet more Moms around town, and Addy to meet more children of different races. (another criticism I have from my childhood) I want her to see no difference in color. In today’s world she will be surrounded by other kids of all walks of life. I don’t want her to be taught the disrespectful things certain people in my life TRIED to teach me. It’s a diverse place and I want my little princess to understand we are all different, but the same.

Parenting isn’t a book although sometimes I wish it was. Everyday I wake up and make a choice to instill my best qualities in my daughter. I can’t be the only one to teach her life lessons. Parenting isn’t a one-person job although it feels that way lately. One of the best things I have ever done is to stay at home with her these past few months. After all I would have missed her first step, about 8 teeth, and a couple of other milestones.

I guess the point of this post is- too many people take things for granted. You may wake up tomorrow and it will be gone- poof – into thin air. Think about the one thing you should do, or have been meaning to do, and go do it. I wish I had gotten to see my Grandpa more before he passed away 2 years ago, but I didn’t. I am so thankful I did get to see him just two days before he left us. I miss him so much and would have given anything for Addy to meet her Great-Grandpa she gets her middle name from. Grandma always called him Kenny but to everyone else he was Joe.
I want to close this post with a super-adorable photo of Addy the other morning in her PJ’s in her bean bag chair. Her crazy hair reminds me of the crazy hair I used to have in pictures when I was her age (except mine was a carrot top!)

This little face keeps me going every day. Without her I seriously don’t know what I would do. I would be totally lost and probably a hermit by now. I wake up every morning and see her pretty little face- I say her name and that reminds me of the greatest people I’ve ever known. That, in itself fixes everything.

Its almost here!

Yep, Christmas is almost here…

I wanted to reflect on Christmas time. The past couple of years I’ve been a little spirit-lacking.Why? well for obvious reasons. This year, I’m not completely in the spirit but I did turn on Christmas music a couple of times so that counts, right?

I am SO excited for Addy to open her presents. Last year we still had some left to open into February!

My favorite part of this time of year? Adopting a child, elderly person, etc. Usually I get 2 or 3. This year, since I’m not working I don’t get to adopt anyone. I probably could have if I didn’t spend so much on Addy but I want to spoil her while I can. Okay, back to the point. So I have found some awesome coupons lately making toys free or nearly free! I have around 20 games to donate. I was looking for a toys for tots drop off, and saw the insurance agency just up the street had toys for tots drop off on their sign. So, tomorrow Addy & I will be going there to give our games.

Also, I will be gather a case of canned foods to donate. I get a ton of free veggies, soups, etc with coupons and I save them up. We are going to search out a food pantry here in town to drop those off!

The point of my post is- even if you don’t have a lot of money donate what you can. A little bit really helps families that can’t afford much because there are people out there with less than what [we have]. Sometimes its the little things that make someone’s day.

I know once I am a teacher (my hopes are to be in 2 years) I will have a hard time this time of year if there are children in my class who will be going without. It will be the toughest part of the job for me, and I am going to have to strategize how to overcome that.

A Heartfelt Day

Ok, so I have to admit- I’ve had this blog draft saved for quite some time. I’ve been bothered by it for a while and have just kept quiet. But this morning when I woke up I realized I have to say it. I’ll begin the story a paragraph or so down, so read on!

Tomorrow, I hope to take Addy for her December photos and to get her first Build-A-Bear. A Build-A-Bear is her reward for walking. I promised her we would stop at that store once she learned how to walk. (Yes, I know she probably doesn’t remember- but I know how it feels to live a life of broken promises, so I’m keeping mine =) ) Every time we walk by the Build-A-Bear store she is mesmerized. I know she won’t understand what she’s doing but I know I’ll enjoy it and take pictures so she won’t forget.

I feel super bad for Addy. Her only friends are Pugs. That means she too thinks she IS a Pug. Rarely ever does she get to play with other kids because my friends kids are different ages, always busy, or just too darn conceited to have playtime.

Granted I don’t have a ton of friends left and that’s perfectly fine- but my heart truly breaks for Addy. Her playtime days consist of playing with Mommy who really doesn’t play like a baby, or pulling on the Pugs tails, faces, and Pug rolls. She is going to grow up just like I did- with lacking a childhood. I never had other kids to play with and was forced to ‘grow-up’ at a very early age. Looking back I HATE that (and FYI I never use the word hate but I’m a little upset here). I was always reading books, doing homework, or playing barbies by myself. It sucked, royally!

What am I going to do? Well, I thought about taking her to toddler reading time at the library but last time we went Addy was the only one there. Maybe I need to go to a different library, or maybe I need to find a way to afford a day of daycare a week so she can go play with others. Either way, I have to do something because I don’t want her to grow up as a loner the way I did.

Perhaps that is the reason Miss Addy has 2, almost 3 rooms full of toys she hardly touches. I want to give her everything- except the one thing she does need, a friend to play with. Don’t get any ideas I don’t want more children for a while. She is a handful by herself- and I don’t want to deprive her of the time she deserves before it’s taken away by a sibling.

Where’d November Go??

In just a few days it will be December. Normally I don’t like December and that’s because I think all of the holiday madness is ridiculous. This year, I happen to be in the holiday spirit. Even after everything that has happened this year, I am going to make it the best for Addy because I know this year will be a different experience from last year.
I have some exciting news to share! In 18 months, 3 days and somewhere around 8 hours my little princess FINALLY learned how to walk. I almost couldn’t believe my eyes when she did it. With a little support and convincing from Mommy she took lots of steps and walked about 5 feet. I never knew I would be SO happy! Ok, maybe it wouldn’t have been as big of a deal if she did it at a normal age like other kids! But, she took over a year and a half and 30 lbs is ALOT for me to carry!

I have 2 other subjects to discuss tonight:

First, have you ever stopped to think about technological advancements? As I was driving home tonight I was thinking about electricity and where it comes from- how it gets here.. etc. How old, outdated, and uncomfortable the airplanes must have been in the olden days when soldiers flew halfway across the globe to fight wars. How awesome it must have been in the 50’s when Johnny Cash debuted his new music that wasn’t like what anyone had heard before. It was just heavy on my mind tonight.

Lastly as I was coming home tonight and a state trooper followed me. I’m really torn if that was a good thing or a bad thing.. When he first turned I think it was just to follow me, but then I think it turned into something else. Since my car still has a paper plate- he had to shine his SUPER shiny light in my back window at the stop light to make sure it was legitimate. Then, after I came home and parked in my driveway he drove back by. In a sense it freaked me out, but in another sense it made me feel safe. I am always scared to walk in the house after dark- weird things have been happening in my neighborhood lately, and everywhere else too. A city officer would never even pay attention to weird people walking by, which was why I think the trooper turned back around. Then he sat down the road to make sure I made it in the house. The little things are the ones I appreciate most.


First of all- I hate to admit it but yesterday I stopped in Meijer when the chick from Olan mills tried to sell me something! I usually say hi to her, but don’t listen to the whole pitch. I did this time because I have seriously been lacking time away from baby talk! Well, today we had a fun time with our friends and an entire day out of the house!! First time all week other than grocery shopping. While the kiddos were playing- both of us mommies did not have our real cameras. So, this is what you get: a phone picture.

I must say- it was refreshing to be out of the house. AND I tried the southwest salad at Mc D’s today too. It was pretty tasty, I think I’ll get another one sometime. Oh, aside from the weird weed looking thing they call lettuce.

I also want to say I’m proud of my mommy friend Tiffany because she’s taken up couponing too!! She scored a TON of groceries, diapers, formula & such for a ton less than her normal bill for her family of 5 =) I’m telling you it’s easy aside from the time you spend searching the deals!! Stay tuned for next week’s tip and remember to check out the FB page to stay up to date on sales!
Something else on my mind: Grammatical errors erk me! Seriously if you don’t know how to use the words their, there, and they’re or too, to, and two- DONT USE THEM! Please. For my sanity’s sake.

Unwritten territory?

First, I want to refer you to my facebook page for some awesome deals I’ve posted in the past few days. I have been limiting them to only super-awesome deals lately!!
Penny Pinching Mom

Today Miss Addy had her flu shot.. and she didn’t even cry!! Oh my goodness- my daughter is tougher than I am! After that, she was treated to Mc D’s nuggets & fries! She loved them 🙂 And, we went off to the park for a play date with our friend (and fellow blogger) Ciara & her little one Reaghan. Here’s my favorite poses from playtime:

On to the real reason behind this post:
Is there some sort of unwritten rule that someone you love shouldn’t be friends with someone you DON’T like? You know, like they are too close for comfort? I don’t know how to explain it really.. There aren’t many people I don’t like to be honest, but there are the select couple. We all have the ‘sort’ of people we don’t care for. Mine happens to be worthless people. Again, we all have our own definition of that too. Before I honk someone off, I’ll leave it at that!

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